Friday, 19 March 2010


As predicted, noone is leaving Orkney at the moment.
This was to have been the weekend of the Level 2 coach training in Inverness.
I admit to having become faint hearted about the travelling even before the boat was cancelled.
Sometimes when the boat is just able to go it is worse than being forced to stay home.
Many times I have arrived on the other side of the Firth unable to see straight from sea sickness,
never mind drive away. Driving with boats on the roof in the wind is another issue I could tell tall tales about.

smoke on the water, haze over the land

As it happens, events have conspired to keep not just me, but us all, at home for the time being.


  1. Don't read my post from yesterday! Sorry your clinic is cancelled.

  2. 81 degrees - I can only imagine!