Saturday, 6 March 2010

LTPD and the offside roll

Long term is the correct description when it comes to the development of this paddler's sea boat skills.

When I first learned to roll a couple of years back (it took a long time!) I thought it was solid both sides. It actually took one winter of pool sessions to deconstruct what I had achieved, namely trying to change my basic roll to a screw roll, which was a mongrel of  a thing the way I did it, and only reliable on my strong side.
'Never mind!' folk said, 'You can roll up - what is the problem?', but I mourned the loss of the original roll. It had felt like one smooth movement. It was not strenuous and it could be done slowly.

Somewhat reluctantly I returned to the pool last night with the Isel to practise the offside roll.
However had the good fortune to get help from a skilled paddler who could see what the problem was and had effective approaches to remedy the situation.

So I now have a prescription to follow and am eager to get back into the pool to try it again.
Perhaps it is not lost after all.
Results below:
smiles all round

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  1. cool!

    So glad that the dark side can be of help..
    We do want to..:)