Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Camera comparison

We are having our summer here in Orkney, in between the banks of freezing sea fog rolling in.
Dry suits are still 'de rigeur' if you own one but folk seem happier with wet practise at the end of our coaching sessions.
photo taken with the Olympus

photo of the author taken with the Fuji by Malc

Wet suit wearers face dilemmas which curtail practise as folk adjust levels of comfort versus thicknessess of neoprene.

My damaged camera was replaced by Olympus, rather than repaired, so I have an upgrade to an Olympus 'tough'.

It certainly looks tough and it feels heavy and robust.
It survived wet practice tonight unlike NK's camera now lost in Kirkwall Bay.
A few rolls and re-entries later I surfaced without an ice-cream headache!
Summer has arrived!


  1. Lucky for you Olympus gave you a new camera, when I sent mine in they refused and so I bought a Canon poweershot D10, so far so good.How cold is the water there in summer, over here it gets up to 30C..

  2. Yes I'm very pleased with the outcome, though I am going to take good care of this one, rinsing, opening up to dry out regularly etc.

    The water temperature is about 10 - 11 degrees at the moment - maybe a little warmer over shallow sandy bays like Scapa, but not much.
    If it was 30 degrees we would be rolling like fiends all the time!!!