Thursday, 13 May 2010

Plastic fantastic

Took a leaf out of junior's book and got out the plastic tonight. Its been a while.

The Wilderness and the Valley
The plan was to practice rescues so with that in mind I took the Wilderness Systems Tempest 165.
Its a great boat. Its also a snug fit ( I had a few layers under the dry suit - its been snowing here!) and I noticed how much shorter the cockpit was than the Rockpool Isel when launching,landing and being rescued. Just enough to make a difference.

The southerly wind was creating lovely surf to play and be dumped on the beach in, and then practice getting launched back into the surf.

To maintain the sinus clearing ritual at the end of a session, we finished with a bit of rescue practice  in the flat water behind the pier, though perhaps we should have been working further out on our self rescues...


  1. We call that the 'rodeo' reentry where I come from. Beautifully executed. I have never been good at that one, and I have good balance. You mad it look easy.


  2. That is not me! worse luck - but perhaps one day soon...

  3. nice rescue, wish I could do it so easily