Saturday, 8 May 2010

Coach yaking mum

A few skills were practised but sometimes you just got to float about and contemplate.

'This is a nice place to be in.'

Plastic fantastic junior rockhopping.

'You wouldn't do this in your boat mum - would you!'


  1. When I edit the video for my blog, I am always amazed by how often I spend time just sitting and contemplating. It's lovely.


  2. Awesome mum!
    Whats the make of that little kayak. Im looking to build a SOF or buy one here soon for my lad Bday.

  3. This is a great boat for kids. It is stable but tracks really well.
    Perception Acadia Scout

  4. Yeah PO - Sometimes we get so busy practising skills and striving to be better paddlers it takes a child's perspective to remind you of how great it is just to be in these special places....

  5. The kayaking I love best is the kayaking I do with my kids- it's great to get out with them.