Saturday, 8 May 2010

Messing about in boats

This week's coaching session was always going to have a wet finish. To begin with however I got on the water early and got a few rolls in at the start to make sure I wasn't suggesting other folk do anything I wasn't prepared to do myself.

After going through the the skills the boat balancing began. From swapping from one boat to another in a raft, to the good old 'eskimo kiss', everyone got thoroughly wet.  There were lots of laughs, unfortunately not captured on camera (still waiting for my repaired waterproof Olympus to come home) finishing with an old fashioned 'sitting in cockpit on seat and paddling' forward paddle.

If it were not so cold at the moment I would suggest that we start the sessions like this. It is liberating!
Everyone is so much less concerned about getting wet and staying upright that they really take it to the edge when practising skills. As it is though, for May, the weather is disappointingly cold even though the swallows have arrived and wild primroses are blooming.

Great fun and good learning!

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