Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lost but not forgotten

Some of the more sentimental of you out there have been reminded of our paddling brethren in this blog, and have requested a special tribute to paddling partners.

The more whimsical of us attach bits and pieces to our boats.

Some paddlers of a whimsical nature find that if they can't photograph themselves in a place which has been reached by paddlepower, they need the evidence of having been there by photographing a companion. Rarely do these 'attachments' have the personality or downright bravery to stick with it in all weathers and through 'scenarios'.
Oscar did.
So in his honour here is a retrospective of some of his favourite places.


  1. Oscar RIP.

    Although perhaps he really is living it up in Canada.....

  2. I'll keep an eye out next time I head home to Newfoundland.=0)