Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Digital Distraction

At last I have the DVD! So I am finishing the year with a dry version of the way we began. It works well in combination with the book and could provide a good way of evaluating video by comparing footage of your own skills with Gordon's demonstrations. Gordon's skill at conveying in words what he is doing without over complicating is great. Just the right blend of audio/visual information for each skill and the angle that everything is filmed at clarifies each point. Sometimes its hard to see the finer points of a demonstration on the water, from the water, especially when thinking about things like how best to blend strokes when rockhopping. This is a bit like being bank based but getting out of the marina. The other plus point about having all this on a DVD is that you don't need to think about your own boat positioning vis-a-vis other boats/rocks, as you try to watch, and there is no wind and wave noise cutting out every fifth word.
This is my first coaching video, I have a few 'inspirational' DVDs and occasionally look at demos of how to do things on the internet, but I think I will use this DVD to touch base and keep foundations sharp in a systematic way, and, by the time I do get back in a boat it may well be a useful place to start. It would be easy to set it up in the car and having a quick refresher just before getting in the boat if using it as an aid to coaching.
Thanks Gordon and Simon. Looking forward to the follow up already.

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