Wednesday, 14 October 2009

West Side Story.

In Orkney there is sometimes the chance to paddle part or all of 'the best paddle ever', along the west coast between Skaill and Stromness. This summer the weather held day after day. I was unable to paddle the whole route but managed to catch up with friends along the way by trolleying my boat down to a geo.

Yesnaby is a popular area to walk and admire the impressive cliffs, stacks and 'castles' and glimpse caves, seals and sea birds. From the water the view is even more magnificent.

As we approached we could see a fixed rope, perhaps for climbers to reach the foot of the stack which stands on a tripod of rock.

The scale of the coastal features on the west side is awesome.

Too soon, I had to return to dry land. On the way back to the car we spotted the other feature which folk come here to look for, but this one is tiny. This primula Scotica is framed by a ten year old hand.

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