Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Paddling partners

Sometimes there is not enough appreciation shown to paddling partners. Someone who is like minded, has similar goals but understands where the edge of your comfort zone is, encourages, makes clear when you are being ridiculously risk averse, who confirms your judgement when you are being risk averse, checks tidal calculations, is generally ready to leap in a boat if the wind is F4 -6 SSW, and is tolerant of gel coat anxiety.

If you have the good fortune to find yourself paddling alongside such a person you'll know what I mean.
Don't lose them!


  1. This whimsical character belongs to a paddling partner of mine, so I cannot take credit for the handmade outfits which included a yellow drysuit. Though now sadly lost, Oscar the monk lives on in legend but unlike the ancient Papar he has his own facebook page.