Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Half paddle to hand roll

A few weeks ago I recorded some further attempts to develop rollling repertoire after watching some videos on the internet. Pausing and replaying only a second or so of some of Helen Wilson's videos gave me a rough idea but its usually very hard to make out what folk are doing exactly, so its a slow job of figuring it out in practice. Watching my attempts back again helps.
It would be great to get a bit of coaching in this but since that is unlikely at the moment any helpful comments are welcome.

I am not sure why having my paddle in my left hand helped. Originally I had it in case I failed and wanted to roll up in the regular way, but it must have had a positive effect on how I positioned my body. Quite often I had to re-set up the starting body position and go again and it worked second time.

I am hoping to get out and give it a go again soon. It will be interesting to find out if watching the video helps me remember how to do it...
Next time I am going to try other hand held objects like a swim fin, hand paddle and bat in the hopes that will increase my 'feel' for what is happening.


  1. When I was learning to roll my boyfriend took lots of video. I would go back and watch it over and over in slow motion. It really helped me to see what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. Now I need to start trying other rolls and will do the same.

  2. Thanks for your comment - perhaps when pool season starts again I can get some better quality underwater video...at the moment I am relying on number 1 son on the shore and my Olympus Tough!

  3. Good vid!
    Completely different teqnique from me but so much more elegant!!!! :)

  4. Thanks - I'm working on it. Now, if I could do it as effectively as you can, every time...