Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kayak DK

On a recent trip to Copenhagen kayaks were very much in evidence.

The kayak - a convenient form of transport.

SOF Greenland kayaks being emptied on the canal bank.
 The National Museum exhibits items from the 5th Thule expedition (1921 - 1924) which visited most of the Inuit peoples of Arctic Canada. The five Danish and six Greenlandic explorers built their main base in the land of the Iglulik people. From the base ethnographers and archaeologists explored to the south and north. In 1923 Knud Rasmussen continued west on the long sled journey to Bering Strait and Alaska.
On his way he spent seven months with the Netsilik.
He returned with a large collection of objects.

Paddle designs

The original kayak gear
 The kayaker wore gear which varied from area to area. The most common garment was an anorak made of depliated waterproof sealskin. The anorak was tightly laced around the face and around the kayak aperture. An eye shade made of skin or wool offered protection against glare.
Double thumbed mittens

Fishing lures

Danielsen watercolour
 Jakob Danielsen was a hunter living in the Disko Bay area, West Greenland, 1888 - 1938.
In 250 drawings and watercolours he depicted the hunters mode of living.
Hunting methods for seal, walrus and whale are displayed in detail.

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