Friday, 30 July 2010

Just keep rollin' along

This time I used a beach ball bat instead of a norsaq and swimming finger paddles.
Other paddlers out there on a similar journey... your comments are invited!

Since I did this latest session I have received Helen Wilson's DVD and can immediately see where I can  make simple improvements to adjust and correct body position. I surprised myself by watching the video and thinking that it looked possible to do these rolls. Helen makes it look achievable. Although I had not realised it I have been working on the set of rolls which use the butterfly roll as their foundation. Now I will be able to take a much more structured approach to consolidating and developing what I am doing.

Helen's DVD is clear and straightforward. The instructions simple and concise - exactly what you need when you are trying to remember what to do while upside down in the water. It would be fantastic to be coached by Helen herself but this has got to be the next best thing. Oh yes - and having a great rolling boat helps!


  1. i am impressed, great rolling, and I just heard today that Helen is coming to our symposium in Israel in Oct.

  2. Thank you I feel like I am making a little progress, and how great for you and the Optomists to have access to an expert such as Helen!

    (next step is to improve the quality of my videos)

  3. Great rolling! I can see that you are rolling quite slowly. It``s a good practice to do the rolling as slow as you can.
    And, I have to ask; What kayak are you using in this video?

  4. Thank you Odin, I am trying to keep it slow and not push down hard with my arm in the water. Your own videos are helpful too.

    My boat is a Rockpool Isel, similar to an Alaw Bach but lower volume. It has a nice low cockpit.