Monday, 26 July 2010

Wacky Races

The coast is clear.
 We made a dash for it between races, arriving at the Rousay pier just as the sail boats set off for the next round.
Negotiating the pier at Rousay.
 Peter set up his kitchen producing an impressive menu as usual!
Peter's kitchen.
 The pier at Rousay looked more like a marina for the afternoon.
Rousay 'marina' with Wyre behind.
 The crew of the 'Mean Machine', complete with a 'Mutley' arrive for the raft race to Wyre and back.
The Pigeon anxiously waits for the race to start along with Dick Dastardly and the crew.

The Thunderbirds and Fiona have a pre-race consultation with Penelope Pitstop.

...and  they're off!

'Catch that pigeon!'

Shrek loses his early lead.

The crowd follow the action from the Eynhallow.


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