Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Roseness to Newark

A summer evening paddle.
We passed Roseness and the mysterious beacon, paddling through an area notorious for shipwrecks and this paddler's encounters with big waves. This evening though, it was peaceful, with a few gentle waves to catch a ride through the rocks and a helpful following swell. The low tide allowed lots of cave visits.

Passing the beacon.
  photo Malc
 We reached the Roseness Gloup, easy to miss if you are not vigilant!

Into the Gloup.

In the Gloup.
 This photo was taken with a flash but the tunnel is really much darker with dramatic light beyond where the cave roof has collapsed.

7 sea boats sitting in a cave...

Leaving the Gloup.
 We carried on to the Y shaped tunnel at the next headland.

Ansgar decides which tunnel to take.
 Further along still there is a tunnel with a very narrow point - SCRATCHY!!
Malcolm makes a smooth exit.
 After a little rock gardening we reached Newark in time to watch the moon rise over Copinsay.

Antje takes a moonlight dip to celebrate rolling her sea boat.

Thanks for the track Jack.
See Malc's excellent video,
and Steve, our visitor from Fife, made a video too.

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