Thursday, 22 July 2010

Puffins and a porpoise

back in a boat again...                photo Johnny
I didn't manage to get photos of either the puffins or the porpoise, but enjoyed sitting under the cliff at Mull Head with puffins flying off and landing on the cliff ledges above.

Conditions were perfect for spotting marine mammals and sure enough after a few minutes of concerted 'spotting' a tiny porpoise performed close to us in smooth oily swell.

Along the way there were plenty of caves to explore, including the Gloup.

Entering the Gloup, paddling downhill.

No kayak trip to Orkney is complete without a visit.

Time to paddle up and out.

It was fine to hear the familiar cry of 'Ramming Speed!' once again echo off the cliffs of Orkney.

Our visitor Steve's video:


  1. Nice pictures - cool cliffs!

  2. My camera ran out of power before we got to the really big cliffs at Mull Head...