Monday, 6 December 2010

Catching up...

After missing last week's session because of the extreme weather affecting our travel plans home from Inverness, we resumed our coached sessions at the pool. I worked with a couple of folk who had missed last week too, while NK worked with the guys on a recap, building in lots of reciprocal and self check activities, making sure to be clear about markers.. oh my!

concentration counts...
 We worked on turning with sweeps, going sideways and reversing and stopping. I notice that folk who swim with efficient technique and have a good feel for the water seem to pick up the basics well and understand when it feels right. The catch, pull and exit phase are all familiar ideas.

NK - 'So what makes these boats all different?'
 We had a few different boats in the water, some felt comfortable to one paddler and like a bathtub to another paddler.

Reverse paddling down the lanes.
 The lanes can be used as a  challenge and a measure of success in control and direction.

Coach demonstrates in a polo boat.
Meanwhile up in the deep end Hairyaker demonstrated different types of roll to a small group of paddlers who are all keen polo players. Next match next weekend - lets hope for good travelling weather.

Nick's roll - nice!

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