Monday, 27 December 2010

Dog walker and kayak doctor

Labrador in natural habitat = happy dog.
A Boxing Day walk at Hobbister proved to be an intrepid adventure in the snow.
Being a town dweller meant I didn't have a full appreciation of the extent of the snow and ice in the country, but I could tell by the tracks and  lack of human footprints, that we were the first to make the journey along the coastal path since the last snow.

It seems we are not the only creatures who prefer to use the path.

 The dog raised a few grouse and seemed to be in her element.

Wintry Waulkmill Bay.
 Later it was time to attend to the patient. So it was into the shed and onto the trestles. Drip set up and attached with the appropriate fluid (thank you Jackie) before the bleeding and transfusion took place. After a successful, if stressful, operation we are ready once again for whatever the weather throws at us.
Though I rarely use the skeg, when I need it I really need it, and that is more often in the winter.

The kayak surgery.


  1. Is it not a bit late putting antifreeze in when the thaw is upon us (or is this for the next big freeze?)

  2. Well, it is standard fluid for the hydro-skeg. Skeg had stopped working, probably because I had knocked a plug out in the cockpit, but its the time of year for a little maintenance and corrosion check I reckon.