Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas break

Last weekend we had our last coaching session in the pool this year, with a look back at what we had already done and a couple of new skills - the stern rudder and the low brace support stroke.
Finishing off with an energetic game of canoe polo, it was obvious how much confidence everyone had gained over the weeks. 

Peter gets stuck in.

NK shows them how it is done.
 Everyone has achieved a lot in a short time thanks to the effort they put into the sessions. We look forward to seeing them again in open boats and long pointy boats on the sea in the New Year.
Perhaps even in a canoe polo team if NK gets her way!


  1. You guys are doing great, well done!!

  2. Do you guys ever bring your sea boats to the pool? When we have pool sessions about 90% of the boats are sea kayaks. Of course, the pool we use is an olympic size venue which probably makes a difference.



  3. Hi Sean -
    I try to organise sea boat sessions in the pool through the winter but these are private arrangements between friends - not club events.
    The main reason for this is to keep sea boat rolling skills in place.
    Though we are a sea kayak club most of our pool sessions are in pool boats or river or GP boats. We only have a 25m pool so its 6 big boats or 10 small ones. We will have a warm water sea boat rescue skills session for the beginner group before wet sea sessions next Spring!

  4. Bright minds think alike ... I mean blog entries on pool sessions! The next indoor kayak thing I'll do is open my paddling presents from Santa, which this year includes a laminator for my maps. No end in sight yet for spending $ on kayaking.

    Tony :-)

  5. Hi Tony -
    Our last sea boat pool session is this weekend but the snow has returned and its all in the balance! I think my ultimate Christmas present would be my own heated pool big enough to roll my boat in....