Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cold turkey

garden in the snow
Excessive snowfall for Orkney means the sea boat session in the pool I had planned for tonight is cancelled.
I was really looking forward to it and had hoped to get a bit of video self check and feedback from Hairyaker on all the things which are prone to gradually slip away over the winter. Now I'm thinking that a tuilik is slightly less expensive than building my own heated pool in the garden, so its creeping up my wish list.
The cockpit on my boat is one of the longest I've seen so it would have to be specially made to fit I suppose.
If anyone out there has experience of getting a tuilik to fit a Euro boat perhaps you could offer some advice?

One thing we did manage to do this weekend was to have the OSKA Christmas 'do'.

Paddlers and partners got together for a bit of Christmas cheer.

Hopefully we'll be out there paddling again soon.


  1. Mackayak, I believe Reed Chillcheater can make a tuilik to fit any cockpit.
    One of our GP enthusiast has one (it's for a small cockpit though) and loves it.
    Not sure if the thin fabric of Reed Aquatherm would be OK for your climate but ask Chris if he can make it with his thicker fabric.

  2. Thanks Gnarlydog - I might just do that, need to be really warm....

  3. I found the link: