Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas mitts at the pool

Everyone knows you are allowed to open 1 Christmas present early! and that is just what we did.
Our new Reed paddle mitts are put through rigourous testing in pool boats.

Getting the second mitt on takesa minute or two....
I was really happy with the mitts. They are far superior to finger paddles I have used - they stay on better and are equally effective palm up or palm down. You can pick up a paddle and paddle away or grip a paddle easily for butterfly roll and I'm pretty sure they will be very warm.
I tried a few static braces and did some hand sculling with the mitts in the pool boats and was happy with how secure that felt - looking forward to trying them out in the sea boat.
Next goal is to try a few palm down front finish hand rolls.
NK - on the way down...

NK - on the way back up!
Somewhat deflated  we struggle on - SCA take pity!
The juniors enjoyed NK's inflatable canoe, but all the excitement and the drastic changes in temperatures did it no good at all.
Another chapter in trying to access the single blade discipline in our sea kayaking dominated lives ends in tears (and literal tears).
Good job she now has her very own open boat!


  1. I use mitts vs gloves. In mitts the guys are all snug together and keep each other warm. I find that makes a big difference in the cold weather. Gloves allow cold air to circulate around the individual fingers. I also take a thermos of just hot water to pour a little in the mitts when the fingers do get cold.

    Seasons greetings!

    Tony :-)

  2. If that's what happens to the inflatable, no one is using the real one! Not that I have actually seen it yet.....

  3. Cheers Tony - I like your hot water idea! I sometimes pour tea in my boots!

    Our new mitts are webbed for hand paddling - I highly recommend them -

    Happy Christmas from Orkney!